Jointly Developed NTC Health & Safety Web Based and Hands On Instructor LED Training

The majority of Company Health, Safety and Ergonomics Training is offered by the NTC H&S Department through a web based modular platform. The H&S training modules are jointly developed and cover a wide range of topics specific to our industry and plant operations. Each training module is delivered with the intent to provide the employee with the knowledge, skillset and tools needed to work safely, while conforming with company policy and regulatory requirement. A plant specific safety training needs assessment and training matrix is used to determine what H&S training modules are provided to each employee based on his/her specific job assignment. The training, while web-based, is instructor led by a UAW H&S trainer. The modular training often requires hands-on instruction. The more critical training programs will also require in-plant guidance to ensure employee proficiency, such as powered industrial vehicle training, lockout energy control, and confined space training. (See Appendix-A attached for a listing of topics offered. Note: Safety training modules provided to employees are based on plant location and specific work assignment.)